OpenVINO Estimator


Analytics Zoo Orca OpenVINO Estimator provides a set APIs for running OpenVINO model on Spark in a distributed fashion.

Orca OpenVINO Estimator

Orca OpenVINO Estimator is an estimator to do OpenVINO prediction on Spark in a distributed fashion.

It can support various data types, like XShards, ndarray, list of ndarray, etc.

Create Estimator from OpenVINO Model

You can create Orca OpenVINO Estimator with OpenVINO IR xml file and bin file.

from zoo.orca.learn.openvino.estimator import Estimator

Estimator.from_openvino(*, model_path, batch_size=0)

Inference with Orca OpenVINO Estimator

After an Estimator is created, you can call estimator API to predict data:

predict(self, data)

Load OpenVINO model

You can load an OpenVINO model using load(self, model_path, batch_size=0)